Zoe Bujeau

Zoe Marie Bujeau

Z - (As dubbed by Green Lantern)

Uktena And Glasswalker

Theurge-y Like



Notable Traits:

  • Black hair with Purple Highlights
  • Delicate
  • No Clear Pure Breeding
  • This cajun accent

Pack: N/A

==Information known to the Nation==

Zoe is a locally famous Bassist, and has a wonderful singing voice. It's a well known fact that she also hand makes her own clothing. She has a very thick Cajun accent, but speaks French flawlessly. She's known for her ability to get along with the members of both Septs. This much is shown by how well she gets on with the Alpha's of both, Mister Clean and Grandma Jenni.

Recently, something happened to her while in the City that now has her terrified to leave the Owl Caern, as well as struck a solid fear into her of Mister Clean. She seems to be getting over her Fear of the City Alpha, but that doesn't mean she'll be visiting the city any time soon. On top of all that, she recently attempted a visit home to her parents, who live on the other side of New Orleans and was abducted in the process along with several other Kinfolk. She was rescued by both Remy and Xeno, and once returned to the Sept, threw an uncharacteristic tantrum over the Garou leaving Remy behind.

  • She has taken on a very motherly role with Ianeira
  • She rarely, if ever, raises her voice or gets angry
  • She has an odd sort of friendship with Remy, how deep that friendship goes no one really knows.

She was gone for a period of several months and has since returned to the Sept. Her only explanation for her absence was she accompanied her mother on a Spirit quest on short notice but has now returned, and won't be leaving again. She seems to be just the same as she was when she left, still caring for those around her as she always has.

Since her return, her mood has been a touch… off kelter. She's shown small bouts of intense feelings, and was for a while, spending a lot of time with Mira. On a lighter note, she seems less distracted, and more focused on her tasks, when on the off chance, she has one. She has also been seen in the company of the new Glasswalker Kin, John.

Kin / family:

  • Mother: Uktena Theurge of the nation [Deceased]
  • Father: Glasswalker Kin [Deceased]

Rites and Chalenges:


== Rumors ==

  • Easily Distracted
  • Dislikes spending time with other people
  • She talks to herself, often
  • There's just something not right about that girl.
  • She can command the spirits on a whim, and they always do her bidding
  • Is really a necromancer
  • She's in league with the Wyrm, her absence was due in part to her dancing the spiral.
  • Is secretly the one who murdered her Parents, to keep them from stopping her progression in the ranks of the Wyrm.
  • She is slowly corrupting fellow Kinfolk to fall to the Wyrm at her side, John Kimball being her newest Target


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