Xeno Jasperis

Name: Xeno Jasperis

Tribe: Shadow Lord

Breed: Metis

Notable Traits
Claw scar over forehead, a blade slice scar over the face, a predator feel. 5'11" tall and lean

Pack: None

==Information known to the Nation==
He over 80 year old but look around 40. He is beleive to have done much, but his travels make him slow to regain Renown as he seem to travel where ever he feel like, this make much of what is known hard to point to him.

Kin / family:
(The following are the Kin in New Orlean, other then a bit of food and a day or two crash space, they do little to help Xeno and he in return do little for them)
Harley Jasperis (Brother)
Kelli Jasperis (Sister)
Fredrick Hassalex (Friend of the Family)
Allen Thomsons (Close Friend to Xeno)

== Rumors ==
Older then he looks
Tainted of the Wyrm
A Danger to those he around
He is curse with death
He is immortal
he really a spirit
He was a Black Spiral Dancer
He help some Bone Gnawer Cubs dureing their rite of Passage
Took out an abortion place with some rengade Black Fury pack…the black fury who beleive in women haveing free right are displease
Killed an Alpha of the Sept of Red Tip Claws
Killed a cub and the den parent
Destory a germ lab
help defeat a powerful bane with a pack
Negotiate the peace deal between the Sept of Shadow Dawn and the local fera
Steal babies / eat babies
Made pact with Demons
Not even a Garou
Seem to have no sense of taste
Can not tolerate the taste of anything sweet
Mated with another Garou
Speak poorly of the nation
Speak poorly of an elder
Rape a Kin
Is a Ronin
He betray the Sept of Forgotten Sins to the Hive
He beat up a few kids
He risk his life to save a Silver Fang, this add to the rumor below
Some of the more tight asses Shadow Lord accuse him to brown noseing to the Silver Fangs
He cause a group of cliath and fostern to die at the minion of the wyrm hands
He single handly destory a company of the wyrm
He was presume lost in the Umbra for many of years and many thought he was dead
He is a no body and the rumors about him is exaterated

== Quotes ==

Disturbed - Darkness
Disturbed - This Moment
Disturbed - Perfect Insanity
Korn - Shoots and Ladders

==OOC Information==

Player James Harris

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