William "Billy" Griffon

Following in the footsteps of comedy legends Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall, William "Billy" Griffon is hardly what one would expect from a Glasswalker. While most glasswalkers live for the highest grade weavertech they can find, Billy takes a decisively low "redneck tech" approach to almost everything. His pack had toured with him for a while but when they decided they wanted to head to NYC, Billy wanted to stick to his southern routes. With the rebuilding efforts still underway in New Orleans, he figured it was the perfect place to set up a little bluegrass comedy club.

A graduate of Bradley University with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Billy's as happy in a garage with grease on his hands as he he is on stage. Billy's hobbies include watching Jeopardy, working on his 1979 Mustang, coming up with new "Redneck gadgets", and annoying preppy Glasswalkers.

Billy is about six foot three. His hair is dirty blond and kept in a well trimmed mullet. He's wearing a tight white t-shirt and a leather motorcycle jacket with a confederate flag on the back. His black jeans hug his legs and lead to a pair of steel toed boots. His eyes are concealed by black teashade sunglasses.

Billy is known, but not well, through most of the deep south as a redneck comedian (fame 3). He's not as popular as Jeff Foxworthy, but he's getting there. He's often tinkering with some gadget or another and has a smile on his face more often then not.

Deed Name - Howls with Laughter, Ducktapes with Extreme Prejudice

Billy is the Warder for the Sept of the Endless Battle

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