Weaver Lore

Weaver Lore 1:
*You are aware of common Charms used by Gaggling and Jaffling Weaver Spirits, and you may have heard of Drones.
*You have heard rumors why the Weaver went mad and bound the Wyrm
*You know that there might be truth behind the Weaver having 3 different facets.

Weaver Lore 2:
*You know the Weaver created the Gauntlet that separates the physical world from the Umbra. You know how to identify a common Umbral Web domain.
*You are aware of a variety of Weaver oriented Gifts and Weaver oriented Totems, and you have likely encountered Drones.
*You have heard the One Song in your dreams on occasion.

Weaver Lore 3:
*You know how to get to the Cyber Realm, it’s laws and even some of the inhabidents on sight.
*You have a good understand of common Weaver spirits and can generally identify them by sight
*The One Song Beckons you in your dreams. You at times notice you have everything arraigned just so and at night, you hate the noise and the chaos around you.
You are slightly Weaver tainted at this point. It can be removed.

Weaver Lore 4
*You hear the One Song and it gives you purpose and a sense of unity. You are close to being a drone. You no longer gain Gnosis from anyplace but the City.
*Weaver spirits often approach you both to provide assistance as well as to provide you with direction.
You are permeantly Weaver Tainted.

Weaver Lore 5
*You are now of the Weaver.

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