Victor Stark

Name Victor Stark

Tribe Glasswalker

Rank Adren

Auspice Auroun

Breed Homid


Notable Traits

is 6' tall short black spiked hair. thin mustache and goatie and dark brown eyes. He has a seriousness about him. (mistaken ID young Tony Stark, 3 app traits)

there is a nice cel phone clipped to his belt and is usually dressed very nice.

==Information known to the Nation==

Owner of Research firm that has its figners in many pies. biggest known fact is medical

has Brealynn Cipriani as his computer tech wizard and as his romantic interest

Kin / family

== Rumors ==
has his hands in military R & D

== Quotes ==

Iron Man by Black Sabbath
Animal I have become by Black Sabbath
Wikker Man by Iron Maiden
Back in Black by ACDC AC/DC
==OOC Information==

Player Steve/Phoenix wraith

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