Uri Z'ev Akiva Scholar's Light

==Personal Details==

Name: Uri Z'ev Akiva

Age: 31

Garou Names: Scholar's Light

Tribe: Silent Striders

Breed: Homid

Appearance: 6' 3", 190 lbs., very light-skinned mulatto, short fu manchu moustache with a long braided chin strap, Pure Breed 1 (Striders)

Notable Traits: Jagged scar running across the bottom of his neck.

Pack: None

Camp: Dispossessed

== Rumors ==

Uri is insanely loyal to his tribemates, Garou and kinfolk, and will kill to keep them safe.

When Uri doesn't want to be found, you won't.

Uri's deep burning hatred of vampires is personal, not just something to do with the hatred most Striders have for the leeches. Yet, he's a strong supporter of the truce.

Uri grew up at the mysterious Strider caern that is in Africa.

Uri is well-known as the top Apocalypse scholar in the Garou Nation.

Uri has run from combat before.

Uri keeps a necklace of fangs around his neck, but he doesn't talk about them at all.

==OOC Info==

Player: David Zoltan aka Dizzy aka Zoltan

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