Umbra Lore

Umbra Lore Level One:
What a well-learned Theurge should know

*The Umbra is divided into several distinct "layers": the Penumbra, The Near Umbra, and the Dark Umbra.
*You know where the Gauntlet is strong and where it is weak.
*You know that night time hours are the safest to traverse the Umbra.
*You have heard of Malfeas and know it is a realm of the Wyrm.
*You have heard Elders speak of Erebus as a purgatory like realm for Garou.
*You have heard of Pangaea and know that many consider it to be a primal paradise of sorts.
*You know that Lupus Garou favor sending their Cubs to Wolfhome for Rites of Passage.

Umbra Lore Level Two:
What a novice Umbra Traveler should know

*You are familiar with the concepts of Moon Paths, Moon Bridges, Spirit Tracks, and Spirit Gates.
You know a few secrets when it comes to Reaching, such as using the reflection of another's eyes.
*You know that travelers do not need to eat or drink within the Umbra as long as they have sufficient Gnosis.
*You are able to glean simple truths from others by looking at their Umbral appearance.
*You know what Umbral Winds are and just how dangerous they can be.
*You have heard several tales of the different paths within the Abyss
*You have heard of the Arcadian Gateway.
*You have heard that the Atrocity Realm is considered by many to be a Gaian Hell.
*You have heard that many Galliards go to the Battleground to witness the tales of glorious battles long past. Ahrouns go there as well to test their prowess in battle.
*You have heard of the Cyber Realm.
*You have heard of the Flux Realm, and know that no two visitors tell similar tales of trips within.
*You have heard of the Legendary Realms, and know it is well-known to Silver Fangs who send their cubs within for their Rites of Passage.
*You have heard many horror stories about the Scar and what is commonly seen within.

Umbra Lore Level Three:
What an adept Umbral Traveler will know

*You know some secret uses for a few Gifts, and how they might interact within various aspects of the Umbra.
*You know several Laws to a few of the Realms.
*You know of the Tribal Homelands where they might be found.
*You know the secrets of Erebus, and the Abyss, and why so many Garou die trying to achieve quests within.
*You are familiar of the safest times to travel Moon Paths, and what dangers might be found during other times.
*You know why the Atrocity Realm usually inflicts Harano upon its few visitors.
*You have heard several tales of Arcadia and know what kind of dangers you might find upon your way. (This does not equate Fae Lore)
*You know the dangers and benefits of the Legendary Realms.
*You know that the Aetherial Realm is divided into various sub-domains, one corresponding to each celestial body represented by the Gaian calendar.

Umbra Lore Level Four:
What an expert Umbral Traveler should know

*You know that the Physical Realm can be altered by making changes within the Umbra.
*You know the Laws to the major Realms.
*You can attempt to follow Spirit Tracks without the aid of Gifts, with difficulty.
*You know that Moon Bridges are the most reliable form of Umbral travel, and why.
*You know that Moon Paths can be found to most any location desired.
*You are aware of what might occur should one step off a Moon Path.
*You know that nothing is static within the Umbra, and that it can be affected by the physical Realm.
*You have legends of the Flux Realm, and why so many travel within, as well as why they hardly ever return.
*You know that some of the other Changing Breeds have a stronger connection to the Umbra than most Garou

Umbra Lore Level Five:
What an expert Umbral Traveler will know

*You know all of the Laws to each of the 13 Near Realms.
*You might well know the secret of the Aetherial Realm.
*You know the One Law of the Flux Realm.
*You know that some of the other Changing Breeds can alter the very way they interact with the Umbra.
*You might have friends among the Corax and Nuwisha that other Garou are not aware of.
*You have a detailed map of the Umbra, by personal experience.

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