Name - Tzayad Brings Judgement in/as/from Darkness (word translation confusion here). Other names unknown.

Tribe - Silent Strider

Auspice - Philodox, the Judgement Moon

Rank - Athro

Breed - Homid as far as anyone can tell

Notable Traits - Tzayad has a considerable Rage, moreso than many Ahroun.

==Information known to the Nation==

  • Tzayad has an exceptional personal record, having done considerable work on behalf of the Nation. Even before arriving in New Orleans he has slain a number of leeches in the triple digits.
  • An entire Hive fell to him and was reclaimed as a Caern for Gaia, done singlehandedly.
  • Has a Lupus-esque sense of respect, threat and reactions of dominance.
  • Tzayad recently led a massive effort between the two combined Septs that collectively did incalculable damage and slew over a score of Spirals (and a tainted Mokole), and twoscore Leeches. Estimates also place over twoscore leeches of the Sabbat destroyed.
  • Tzayad has slain several Garou found guilty of Litany violations. Amongst these are a Get of Fenris killed in Germany (Cannibalism, wyrm taint), a Silent Strider in New Orleans (multiple violations), a pair of Bone Gnawers (flesh of man, also slew Garou for their Fetishes) and possibly a Shadow Lord in the Balkans. He has also brought several, including the occasional Black Spiral Dancer, to Erebus to be cleansed and reformed. It is unclear where the line lies.
  • Formerly a member of the Swift Strike pack (mobile pack over the Middle East), dedicated to Cobra.
  • Member of the Ahadi.
  • Has unexplained connections with the Government.
  • Believes that business and important are different from personal.

Adara Alon, beloved wife.

Rites and Challenges


== Rumors ==

  • Tzayad has fallen to the Wyrm long ago, and conceals his taint through dark sorceries as he chips away at Gaia from within.
  • The majority of Tzayad's success can be attributed to Adara.
  • Adara and Tzayad went to Mexico for their honeymoon specifically to hunt Sabbat.
  • Tzayad is actually a Shadow Lord.
  • Is sleeping on the couch right now for not maiming Avisa.


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