Aliases: Little Isis Grace of Gaia

Creature Type: Keeper of Secrets

Political Affiliation: Gaian

IC NICKS: Feline Form: Little Isis - Homid Form: Treyah

Treyah is a stricking woman in her 20's Attention is drawn almost immediately to her ice blue eyes, that always seem to hold a curiousness within them. Her long blonde hair falls freely around her shoulders, looking a little wild.

She wears a tank top and a pair of jeans showing off her 5' 3" lithe, athletic lightly tanned frame. with a pair of shoes on her feet.

In Feline form she is a striking specimen of the tiger, though is paler in colouring then Maneki Neko. She is 7 feet in length and holds a powerful way to her strides. For any that know their tiger breeds well, she is a Northern Bengal tiger.


Notable Traits

  • Treyah has 6 appearance related traits
  • Is always curious and seems to be attracted to the way of Homids in general
  • She gets very nervous when in crowded or closed in spaces

Common Knowledge

  • She is within a tightly knit group with Kahn and Maneki Neko
  • She is ever curious and sometimes it can get her into a bit of trouble with things she might not understand


Nothing yet… though soon! feel free to add things if you like


I would recommend talking to her she might just tell you

IC Contact Info

Send her a spirit, or maybe yell her name really loud? or even ask Kahn or Maneki

Player: Brandi Cantrall

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