I have also changed some of the benefits Pack Totems get and their costs. I will list the Tribe’s Totem below and what they give and their Ban along with cost. These aren’t the only Totems out there, just the ones Im listing in this document as an example. You can take any Pack Totem from any Tribe Book (Revised and 2nd Ed) as long as it fits with the game and your pack. Even if I have to tweak and alter the Totem a bit, I am willing to work with you. *NOTE* Remember, a Totem must represent everyone in the Pack. Try to find and compromise on a Totem. Sometimes a Totem will not work for the Pack and I will help you try to find one.


Background Cost: 7 Traits

Falcon is a noble spirit, looking deeply into the Garou heart and rewarding virtue
and honor where he finds them. He unites the Silver Fangs in a shared vision of
excellence in duty, and his tribe’s lapses do not reflect poorly on him in most Garou’s

Traits: Leadership x 3, and also four Willpower Traits per session. Each pack
member gains two Honor Traits.

Ban: Dishonor is worse than death, and Falcon’s followers cannot allow themselves
to lose permanent Honor. They must put right the wrong if possible, and if not
perform a Rite of Contrition and then hurl themselves against some powerful minion of
the Wyrm. A righteous death may remove the stain.

Grandfather Thunder:

Background Cost: 7 Traits

Grandfather Thunder is more feared than respected. His patience and subtlety set
the example for his Shadow Lord children. He seldom sends one of his own avatars to
packs that serve him; his Stormcrows usually act on his behalf.

Traits: Etiquette x 3, and also five Willpower Traits per session. All pack members
may also invoke Thunder and gain Intimidation x 2. Each pack member gains one
Honor. Shadow Lords find the pack interesting and watch its progress.

Ban: Thunder’s Children should not tell the truth to anyone except those they
respect, which in practical terms means anyone they can’t dominate.


Background Cost: 7 Traits

Pegasus is concerned with sacred places above all else, and gives its Black Fury
children gifts to let them move to sacred places in danger and defend them. Pegasus
will not accept a pack with any Get of Fenris members.

Traits: Animal Ken x 3, and also three Willpower Traits pet session. Each pack
member gains two Honor. Black Furies are well-disposed to the pack.

Ban: Pegasus’ children must aid females of all species, particularly young ones.


Background Cost: 7 Traits

Great Stag is an ancient spirit embodying masculinity, virility and the wild power
of nature. He includes both light and dark, dividing the world between the wild and
the tame, the living and the dead, rather than between good and evil, and his Gifts
aren’t always comfortable to those with a strong ethical sense. Sometimes his avatar
appears to guide or aid lost Garou - he teaches responsibility to the whole world,
including humanity, as well as leading the Wild Hunt.

Traits: Tireless (for long-distance running), Survival x 3 and also three Willpower
Traits per session. Each member gains three Honor. Fianna will be well-disposed to the
pack, and fae spirits and changelings favorably inclined.

Ban: Children of Stag must always show respect for prey, including the Prayerfor
the Prey, and must always aid the fae. (This latter Ban is seldom an issue in the modem
day, but Stag remembers his commitments)


Background Cost: 7 Traits

The all-devouring god of wolves was a totem long before the Norse began to spin
tales of the Fenrir, but their hymns and stories captured his essence so well that they’ve
become nearly universal among Fenris’ children. He is powerful, bloodthirsty and
completely devoted to combat without mercy. He especially favors the Get of Fenris,
but is willing to accept other packs who reject giving or receiving quarter and who
frequently blood themselves with the life essence of their foes.

Traits: Each member can choose two traits of Ferocious, Quick or Resilient, and receive
it on a permanent basis (They can even be different traits). Each member gets two Glory. Get of Fenris respect non-Get followers of Fenris more than most members of other tribes, and like to test them by inviting them to participate in wild hunts and battles.

Ban: Fenris’ children must never pass up the opportunity for a worthy fight.


Background Cost: 7 Traits

Griffin mourns extinct species, and carries a special rage against the human
beings responsible for so many extinctions. His Red Talon children share this anger,
and his Gifts make them better instruments of revenge. Note that to Griffin there’s
precious little difference between the European land developer who wipes out species
for housing tracts and the aborigine who kills species with slash-and-burn agriculture
or over-hunting, no matter how much the targeted humans might try to make

Traits: Alertness x 3. In addition, pack members can communicate with birds of
prey without requiring a Gift. Each pack member gains two Glory. Red Talons respect
Griffin’s followers.

Ban: Griffin’s children may not associate with humans. Griffin almost never
accepts homid Garou as his children. (This one will be hard for this Setting. ST FYI)


Background Cost: 7 Traits

Rat is fast and quiet, the master of hit-and-run warfare and the neutralization of
the enemy’s strength. He fights to weaken, then destroy.

Traits: Five Willpower Traits per session. All pack members get a one-Trait
bonus on biting and stealth challenges. Bone Gnawers respect Rats children and aid
them when it’s not life-threatening, and Ratkin are more tolerant or at least less
intolerant of Rat-serving packs than they are of most Garou.

Ban: Rat’s children must never kill vermin. (This Totem will not be at the Caern)


Background Cost: 7 Traits

Wendigo descends from the north, wrapped in ice and roaring like the wind. He
teaches his children the relentless fury of the storm and the power that comes in the
utter frozen desolation of passion.

Trait: Each pack member gains five Rage Traits per story, regardless of Rage
rating. Each pack member also gains two Glory. The Wendigo tribe respect non-tribe
members who serve Wendigo, though the tribe remains distrustful until the outsiders
prove themselves worthy. They also get Survival x 2.

Ban: Wendigo’s children must always aid native peoples in need.


Background Cost: 7 Traits

Chimera is an enigma. She ofMany Faces is the master example for the Stargazers
tribe, who earn her special favor for their willingness to pierce through layers of illusion
and confusion to find inner wisdom.

Traits: Enigmas x 3, and Chimera’s children gain the Mental Trait Insightful
permanently. Each pack member can disguise himself or something else while in the
Umbra by making a Static Gnosis Challenge against seven Traits. Each pack member
gets a two-Trait bonus to challenges involving riddles, dream interpretations and
other applications of Enigma. Each pack member also gains two Wisdom. Stargazers
notice the affiliation, but seldom let it sway their judgment.

Ban: Chimera requires only that her children must seek enlightenment. (Enlightenment can vary from person to person.)


Background Cost: 7 Traits
Cockroach is perhaps the definitive totem of the modern age. (Glass Walkers say
there’s no “perhaps” about it.) It is hardy, quick and persistent, and its kin are
everywhere in the city.

Traits: Each packmate gains a two-Trait bonus on challenges involving computers,
electricity and science, and a three- Trait bonus on challenges to activate Gifts
affecting technology. Pack members can also make a Static Gnosis Challenge against
the local Gauntlet rating to enter the Umbra and view data stored in digital media or
being transmitted electronically.

Ban: Cockroach’s children must take pains not to kill cockroaches


Background Cost: 6 Traits

Owl watches and strikes silently. He holds hidden wisdom, and inspires his
favored children, the Silent Striders, to do the same. He flies with death even into the Dark Umbra; the widespread belief that owls are spirits of the vengeful dead aren’t
completely baseless.

Traits: Each pack member gains wings in the Umbra, and a two-Trait bonus to
challenges involving stealth, silence and quiet and a three-Trait bonus on challenges
to use Gifts involving air, travel, movement or darkness. Each pack member gains two
Wisdom. Silent Striders may mysteriously appear to aid an Owl pack in danger; Ratkin
and other followers of Rat are particularly hostile to Owl.

Ban: Owl requires that the pack leave small rodents in the wood for him and his


Background Cost: 7 Traits

Uktena is an ancient water spirit with the features of a serpent, a cougar and a
deer. He inhabits river beds and dark places, where he seeks out secrets.

Traits: Pack members gain one automatic soak level against all damage while in
the Umbra. Each pack member gets one experience point per story (not per individual
session) to spend exclusively on Enigmas, Occult, Rituals, Gifts and other mystical
knowledge. Each pack member gains two Wisdom. Also they gain the Mental Trait: Knowledgeable.

Many Garou distrust Uktena and its mysterious nature; pack members suffer a
one-Trait penalty on Social Challenges with werewolves of tribes other than Uktena
and Wendigo. Uktena tribe members usually regard Uktena packs as long-lost

Ban: Uktena’s children must try to recover mystical lore, objects, places and
animals from the Wyrm’s minions.


Background Cost: 7 Traits

Unicorn is a wise spirit of peace, purity, healing and harmony. She leads her
favored tribe, theChildrenofGaia, toward the all-encompassinglove of Gaia.. . while
recognizing that it comes only at great cost.

Traits: Three-Trait bonus to challenges involving Gifts of healing, strength and
protection. Pack members move at twice normal speed in the Umbra, and get a two-
Trait bonus to challenges involving healing and empathy. They also suffer a two-Trait
penalty on challenges to harm other Garou not of the Wyrm (and Unicorn isn’t easily
fooled about such things, nor inclined to accept carelessness or ignorance as excuses).
Each packmate gains three Wisdom. Children of Gaia always aid and usually side with
the pack in disputes.

Ban: Unicorn’s children must aid and protect the weak and exploited, except
when doing so would aid the Wyrm (and Unicorn isn’t easily fooled about this, either).

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