Themi Vlahos

Name: Themi Vhalos HelKias

Deed Names Speaks Her Mind, Horano's Truth

Tribe: Black Fury

Auspice: Philodox

Breed: Homid

Notable Traits: She has a claw scar running from her right cheek from her ear to her jaw and fang bite scar on her right forearm.

Pack: None

Totem: Ursa - Bear

==Information known to the Nation==

She has been a member of Emerald Water's Sept in Pensacola Florida and Crosswind's Sept in Mobile Alabama

Kin/Family -

Mate Hector Halkias, kin of the Black Furies

Rites and Chalenges:

  • Assisted in the search for a missing Kin that ended up in a slaughter of a hord of Wyrm Spawn
  • Assisted in the retreval of the cure of the ratkin made plague
  • assisted in the judgment of scandals involving breach of respecting those bellow and submiting to higher station.

** Quests**

  • SCAR realm factory raid
  • Retrieved Ancient fetishes from a museum
  • Assisted in the clensing and retreval of a wyrm tainted pathstone
  • Led a mission to retrieve notes and cure for samples for the recent plague.
  • Is to return to Crosswinds and assist in the deffence against a Spiral seige.

== Rumors ==

  • She killed her last consort, Random of the Nuwisha.
  • She is Harano Prone.
  • She is Cursed by Fate.
  • She misscarried a son by a shadowlord kin, she hasn't seen the kin since.
  • There is question of if her misscarried son was by Baikal Cossack or Random.


== Quotes ==

"SHHHHH…. I'm supposed to be a cold feminazi bitch" - Themi to Random

Themi's soundtrack

==OOC Information==

Player Maria McKinnon
Location Portsmouth, VA

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