Sveta Bourevrana

Name: Sveta Bourevrana, Charming at First
Creature Type: Homid Garou
Tribe: Shadow Lord
Auspice: Ragabash
Rank: Fostern
Position(s): None

Description: 4app, SL pbx
Sveta is a non-descript woman somewhere between 20 and 40, average height, average weight, averagely pretty, medium length wavy brown hair, brown eyes, lightly tanned or slightly dark skinned, ethnicity is difficult to determine. She often dresses 'business casual'/'suburban soccor mom'/ 'trophy wife': slacks and a lightweight sleeveless shirt with simple, classy, gold jewelry and light, well applied make up. Her only identifying characteristics are an eastern european accent and her SL pb.

No one has seen her in lupus.

Common Knowledge:
For those who speak czech, her last name translates directly to "Storm Crow".
She knows Tzayad from somewhere in the middle east, he is her pack mate.
She was some kind of soldier or freedom fighter or mercenary or whore or something when she was younger.

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