Shalaye Nyari


Player: Jeanne

Aliases: None that anyone knows

Creature Type: Garou

Tribe: Silent Strider

Titles: Shalaye Nyari, Sings for Ma'at, Memory of the Wind, Fostern Galliard Strider, born of Woman

IC NICKS: Wolf- Memory of the Wind - Homid Form: Shalaye


Shalaye most often wears long skirts of deep greens that fall to the ground, keeping her legs completely covered. A lighter green blouse rests just off of her shoulders and a underbust corset in a lighter shade around her small waist. Her long dark brown hair falls behind her well past her waist. Several bracelets, necklaces, and earrings ornament her body. Her complexion is sun-kissed, her light brown eyes shift a little as she watches around her closely. She has several scarves around her waist tied at one side neatly. She stands around 5’ 5, and holds a dancer sort of build to her body. The sound of small bells and the jingling of jewellery can often be heard when she is around, though at times she slips into a silence that the Striders are so well known for.

Notable Traits

  • 7 app traits
  • Enchanting Voice
  • Pure Breed 3 Silent Strider
  • Fame 3 Dancer

Common Knowledge

  • She knows Neith and is good friends with her
  • She is a talented muscian on the fiddle and violin
  • Shalaye is a known Dancer to the public world


  • She has an uncanny way of knowing when to move out of the way
  • There is a growing trend that when she gives a warning, it comes true


Find out IC… she might talk about stuff…

IC Contact Info

Send her a spirit, call her… maybe yell ?

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