Rage Across Louisana or Orleans by Night….

New Orleans, the original city of Sin. Decadent, wild, majestic, mysterious and sometimes, deadly. When one thinks of Orleans they think of many things, the French Quarter, the Cemeteries, Bourbon. It is that and more. So shall you pull back the curtain and see the layers of intrigue and mystery? If so…

Welcome to Rage Across Orleans, a Werewolf the Apocalypse game set in 2008 around New Orleans. It is time of uncertainty for the Garou. The Apocalypse is upon them. The signs are clear, but, are they? With the rage of Gaia ever present and her wounds deep.

New Orleans traces its development from its founding by the French, through its period under Spanish control, then back to French rule before being sold to the United States in the Louisiana Purchase. It has been one of the most important cities in the South for most of its history.

New Orleans has been influential for a multitude of supernaturals. The Kindred have controlled the city since near it’s inception, the Uktena having a Caern not far from the city. (In a town called Hopeland, not far from Orleans). The Spirals an ever present threat continue to strike out from only god knows where and still unknown supernaturals make residence in the Bayou.

For almost 200 years, somehow the Uktena and the Kindred made a peace pact that allowed both to work unmolested with each other and allowed each to focus on their more pressing problems. As the saying goes, most things must come to an end.

In 2004 Some of the more militant and extremist of the Get of Fenris and the Red Talons, (with a small smattering of other Tribes) had heard about this “Concord” of non interference. They worked together to “reclaim” the Caern and to stab at the heart of the Wyrm. Woefully, they didn’t dig quite far enough when they hit. The Uktena were driven from their Caern and the victors celebrated as they started to make preparations to dive into the city.

The Kindred on the other hand, were woefully unprepared. The War Party struck at the heart of the City. By the end of the day, no less than 20 Kindred had met their Final Death. As the Coalition, as they called themselves now, continued their fight for the next few months. The Kindred started their Retribution which was methodical, painful and extreme.

With this, it was as if the city’s dynamic had changed. As the Garou that were left to defend the Caern wondered, what was going to happen in the future. It as if the wind shifted. There was something different, something that would change everything. Her name was Katrina.

Katrina was the most destructive Hurricane to hit the Gulf Coast, ever. (As respect for New Orleans, I will not delve deep into it. But this was a major incident that and will effect the region for decades to come, so with it happening it is included).

A few of the more, unknowledgeable or more extremist Garou felt that this was Gaia’s way of striking back at the humans. Others were concerned at the storm’s intensity. Most thought it was just nature, doing what nature does.

During the next few days though, things changed dramatically. New Orleans is still cleaning up from the mess, the Caern that was the Get and Red Talons now lies empty, and in fact, it’s almost impossible to get to now. And the city itself is slowly rebuilding.

The Caern near New Orleans, Sept of the Setting Sun, watches the city and tries to guide it, forces are now lined against it. Several new companies have moved in and are seeming to be helping with the clean up. One of the more prominent is The Milliner Construction Company, and Aglamonics Corporation.

The winds of fate are fickle hands. Who knows where the wind will blow now…

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