Sept Of The Setting Sun

The Sept is in an old Plantation Manor just on the outskirts of New Orleans. It has been here for the past 50 years hidden, due in part of the Sept’s members at times laying low and watching, vigilance against intruders and Owl’s own addition to the Caern. (Im not putting in mechanics but think of it as an Eerie Presence). Also on the Caern, sometimes, strange things happen, like things that you left in one place wind up in another or mysteriously vanish. Owl is silent on this issue.

The Caern itself is a Caern of Wisdom and Mystery. All is not what it seems and Owl teaches this and to be ever vigilant. While the Caern in acreage isn’t all that big, Owl itself is a *very* powerful Caern spirit. OOC: Mechanically, think of the Caern as a level 3 Caern but the Spirit as level 5.

All Sept Positions will be filled by PC’s if I can and some positions in the books will not be used depending upon how many PC’s are in the game.

There are numerous spirits around the Caern, ranging from Owl (most numerous) to air/Wind, some Fire, Earth and lots of Hedonistic and Joyful spirits in the mix.

ST Note:

The Caern is defended against intruders by Spirits, Owls, the “Feeling” as well as Warders and scouts. For the PC’s coming in, (even new ones) it is as if Owl accepted them and almost went “they belong here”. This is to avoid bad mix ups that I have seen in a lot of games.

Caern Totem:



Owl watches and strikes silently. He holds hidden wisdom, and inspires his
favored children, the Silent Striders, to do the same. He flies with death even into the
Dark Umbra; the widespread belief that owls are spirits of the vengeful dead aren’t
completely baseless.

Traits: Everyone in the Sept gains while on the Sept itself, gets a two-Trait bonus to
challenges involving stealth, silence and quiet and a three-Trait bonus on challenges
to use Gifts involving air, travel, movement or darkness. Also around the bawn area,
several owls nest can be seen. And no matter where you are. You always feel you are
being watched. Ratkin and other followers of Rat are particularly hostile to Owl.
Which means, Ratkin and Bone Gnawers are not welcomed in the Sept.

Ban: Owl requires that the pc’s to leave small rodents in the woods for him and his
children. To appease Owl, Fresh rodent kills are left throughout the bawn.

Plantation Manor

As head past the two crumbling brick gate posts, a large rusted, wrought iron fence spanning the length of the front of the plantation. As you walk down or drive down the narrow dirt driveway, you can see a large old plantation manor that has seen better days. If you look closely, you can see several owls nests within the manor itself.

As you head towards the Manor itself, you feel eyes are watching you, and while you might have business here, you realize this place is very creepy at night. Out of the corner of your eye, it seems though things move, and when you look. There is nothing there…

The Manor during the day:

The Sept of the Setting Sun

Elder Council

Minor Positions

  • The Guardians
  • Caller of the Wyld
  • The Fool Shaylan McGrath
  • Master of the Howl
  • Talesinger
  • Truthcatcher Tzayad
  • Wyrmfoe



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