Rotos The Wyrm

Guillermo Sanchez "Roto Rooters the Wyrm" "Laughs Always" Fostern Metis Theurge of the Uktena.


Guillermo is a short native american descendant man that looks like a caucasian that has been through a fire. He has deep dark eyes and black hair that seems to have been dyed. He wears just simple jeans, a brown vest and always has a staff carved with gylphs on him. (Scarred, Disfigured)

Common Knowledge:

He is the grandson of Angeni Nahimana.
He's the Keeper of the Land and takes his responsibilities quite seriously.

Never refers to Angeni as Jenni or her Deed name, but always Granny as a sign of respect and devotion.

Helped her find this Sept and has a close to connection to all the spirits at the Caern and Bawn.

Always seems to find the brightside and humor in everything and always seems to have a smile on his face


He carries a dark seed inside him and his humor is a way to deal with the pain.

His parentage is, different, as he's very mexican but his grandmother is more native american.

Knows entirely what happened to all the Septs and will not talk about it.

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