Randi Davison

==Personal Details==

Name: Randi Davison

Age: 28

Titles: Sept Beta of Setting Sun, Alpha of Dirty Pool

Garou Names: 31 Days, Point and Click, Road Rage

Tribe: Glasswalkers

Breed: Homid

Notable Traits: Minor Battle Scars of twisted, torn arrow holes across belly, claw marks over left shoulder into chest.

Pack: Dirty Pool, dedicated to Clashing Boom Boom. Other Pack Members: Ashley Mason Morningkill and Kairos Neoma

Camp: None

==Kin / family==

Alice Hawkins, Executive Secretary at Whitefeather Inc., and mother figure.

== Rumors ==

  • She is in with the Shadow Lords, if you know what I mean…
  • She is an assassin for the highest bidder and will kill Garou and Kin, if the price is right.
  • She has slept with other Garou, and would do it again.
  • Randi is a total druggie and alcoholic, she just hides it well.
  • Randi is one of those responsible for the fall of a powerful Caern in Gibraltar.


"Closer to Fine" — Indigo Girls
"Down to One" — Melissa Etheridge
"Giant" — Melissa Etheridge
"Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" — Drowning Pool
"And When I Die" — Blood, Sweat, and Tears
"They're Coming to Take me Away" Xiv Napoleon
"Secret Agent Man" — Johnny Rivers
"Hurt" — Both the Nine Inch Nails and Johnny Cash versions
"Wish" — Nine Inch Nails
"Seven Seas of Rhye" — Queen
"We are the Champions" — Queen
"Killer Queen" — Queen
"Raven Dreams" — R. Carlos Nakai
"Good ol' Fashioned Loverboy" — Queen
"Princes of the Universe" — Queen
"Heroin" — Velvet Underground
"Black Velvet" — Alannah Myles
"Son of a Preacher Man" — Dusty Springfield
"Three Sides to a Story" — Joe Budden
"Over the Rainbow" — Judy Garland
"La Vie Boheme" — Rent Soundtrack
"Low Rider" — War
"Take it Easy" — The Eagles
"Gangster's Paradise" — Coolio
"Hanwi" — Blue Chip Orchestra

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