==Personal Details==

Name: John Cipriani
Age: 35

Garou Names: Peacemaker, Knows his Role, Drops Fenrir

Tribe: Glasswalkers

Breed: Homid

Notable Traits:7 ft tall man, obviously of Black Fury decent

Pack: Personal Totem (ST. Michaels Chosen

Camp: None

==Kin / family==

Alyssen Cipriani, Wife
John Cipriani, Son
Quinn Cipriani, Daughter
Brealynn Cipriani sister

== Rumors ==

* he was sent in to "FIX" new orleans one way or another as part of an athro challenge

* He used to be an ahroun and still has a lot of ahroun tendencies even for a philodox

* He decided to quit the mob and part of setting up shop here is to be on the run

Sixx AM "life is Beautifull"
Three Days Grace "Home"
Shine down "Second Chance"

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