Oscar Rainaldi

Player: Jose

Aliases: none known

Creature Type: Gaian Garou

Garou Names: Heart of Darkness, Shadow Walker, Herald of Dawn

Tribe: Shadowlord

Titles: Alpha of Cache of Providence

Camp: Unknown but if you think you'd like to find out feel free to prod a ShadowLord



Oscar is about six feet tall and leans more on the thinner side of things. He tends to forget to shave more often than not leaving him with a constant patch of stubble all over his face, his eyes look like something out of a weird movie, a very light blue that almost seem to glow giving him an almost otherworldly quality. He often dresses in dark colors and is never seen without his ratty black hat, or well used black leather gloves. He seems to like to wear black for the most part and what little color he does decide to wear tends to be.. black.

Fritz, Oscar, and Emiliana are indeed family, and hold some traits in their appearance that clearly marks them as such…though some are more subtle then others. It would seem that the Genes of Pure Breeding were kinder to Oscar and Emiliana then Fritz.

Connected to the family also is Mira Kincaide, a cousin to the family through her mother's side.

Notable Traits

  • Pure Breed 5 Shadow Lord
  • There is always a feeling of unease around Oscar not intimidation or fear, just that something isn't right and kind of creepy about him.

Common Knowledge

* He arrived in town after his brother and sister
* He is packed with his Brother and Sister
* He's a pretty laid back kind of guy but very inquisitive
* His family is extremely close and loyal to each other


* Oscar's been all over the world, including alot of places he shouldn't have been.
* He is known to be a sort of prodigy when it comes to umbral realms
* Oscar is tainted by the wyrm and using his siblings to cover for him
* Oscar has a cancer that his garou system can no longer combat


Find out IC


IC Contact Info

Cell Phones work pretty well… a spirit might also work, or a howl if you are desperate
moc.liamtoh|2_raebyddetgib#em liame

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