==Personal Details==

Name: Neith Gregorievna bint Haadiya

Age: 22

Garou Names: Honours Home, Sandstalker

Tribe: Silent Striders

Breed: Metis

Notable Traits: She is completely hairless, and despite having Arabic features, her eyes are a clear, crystal blue.

Pack: None

Camp: Harbingers

==Kin / family==

Gregori Ilych Baikov, War Caller, Father of Sin, Adren Galliard of the Silver Fangs, former Prince of Crescent Moon

Haadiya bint Abdul Saayim, Sings in Shadow, Mother of Shame, once a Fostern Galliard Strider, now deceased for five years.

== Rumors ==

  • Her Maternal Grandfather is an Elder of the Striders, and a powerful Chieftain of the Wandering Tribe in North Africa.
  • Neith is an Eater of the Dead, devouring brains for their contained wisdom.
  • Neith is a ghoul, serving a powerful Vampire to help spy on the Garou.
  • Neith's mother was killed by Setites.
  • If Neith steps foot in Europe, her father's former House will have her killed.


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"Through Heaven's Eyes" — Brian Stokes Mitchell

"March of Cambreadth" — Heather Alexander

"The Assassin" — Iron Maiden

"Peaceful Being" — Maneesh de Moor

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