Mr Clean

Name Mr. Clean A.K.A. Dumpster Dave

Tribe Bonegnawer

Breed Metis

Notable Traits
he is a 7' tall muscular man he wears city sanitation coveralls there is a large collection of keys hanging from his waist and a gym bag.
he is completely hairless


==Information known to the Nation==
he is the alpha of the city sept, and the chosen of the Great Trash heap the guardian spirit of that sept.
he and grama jenni have struck an accord to keep peace between the Bone Gnawers and Ratkin and the owl sept.

he was born in new orleans the metis child to bonegnawer mother and glasswalker father. he is known to be a strong advocate for the safety of the innocent citizens of the city even when it ment standing up to his elders. he has become extremely distrustful of outsiders sence the Get of Fenris and Red Talons attacked the Uktena caern. he claimed the posistion of alpha during the ensuing conflict as the get and red talons broke the 200 year peace to ensure the safety of the city's human and garou residence. he was one of only a handful of garou to stay in the region when katrina made landfall.

Kin / family

== Rumors ==
mr clean was a resident of new orleans prior to katrina and is rumored to have been one of the very few garou who stayed to help protect the humans of the city

== Quotes ==


==OOC Information==

Player David allen

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