Mirela Devetzi Kulikovsky

Name Mirela Alexia Devetzi Kulikovsky


Tribe Silver Fang, House Crescent Moon


Rank Kinfolk

Breed Homid

Notable Traits Is young woman of 18-19 yrs 5' 10" with shoulder length med/light brown hair and ice blue eyes. She has strong tribal breeding and a air of superiority to her.

Information known to the Nation

Kin / family

Mykle Kulikovsky her Mate
Vadik Devetzi, Knows the Old Blood, Honors Luna, Ice Reborn, Winds Rage, Athro Theurge her father - Dead
Nadia Kirillovna - Devetzi, Grand Duchess of the Russian court, her mother
Marcus Devetzi her older brother
Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich Romanov, her grandfather



  • Her mate, Mickhail Gallentiev, was executed by the High King for dishonor
  • Her former father-in-law Sergei Gallentiev wants to kill her, she hopes.
  • She a cold heartless bitch.. pure Silver Fang.
  • She was claimed as mate for a very brief time by the Silent Strider Avisa Aapep
  • Has been promised to Gregory Victorvich as his intended wife
  • Her fiance dispises being engaged to her.
  • Has called off her Engament to Gregory.
  • Her purity was droped by Falcon for displeasing the tribe.
  • Being Courted by the High King's cousin Mykle Kulikovsky, even inspite of recent events.

Random info

She inheirted estates in Moscow and Ryazan Russia from her first husband.
Has a home in California


  • I'm sure he enjoyed you… Mirela to Mickhail's girlfriend
  • Da, she is very good at that…. Like all Vermin are. (Mirela about Annie)
  • I am more then a @%^$ incubator.

Mirela's Playlist

Medeaval Baebes - Venit Carmine

Canacao do Mar

Santana - Cry Baby Cry

Player Maria McKinnon

Location Portsmouth, Va

Contact info moc.liamG|aillaiR#moc.liamG|aillaiR

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