Mira Kincaide

==Personal Details==

Name: Mira Kincaide

Age: 31

Designation: Kinfolk

Tribe: Shadowlords

Notable Traits: She always, ALWAYS wears gloves, and nearly as often clothes that cover her from the neck down.

Alliance: Garou/Arcanum

==Kin / family==

Her Garou family is almost entirely in Europe. The Trattori's supposedly are rather "well-connected" in Sicily.


== Rumors ==

Mira is a rare form of Numinist referred to as a Synergist. She can meld other Numina powers into terrifying force.

She is a hunter, and simply placed the Garou on the bottom of her "to-do" list to use them for her current purposes.

Mira was moved here to keep an eye on Family business. She's actually a high ranking member.

Her clothes hide Yakuza-style tattoos. She managed, somehow, to become part of that crime organization through business alliances from her family in Sicily.

Mira can burn you with her mind!

She was once in a terrible accident, but asking her about it will only get you stonewalled, and even possibly ignored.

Mira is a member of the Arcanum, and shares any information she finds with that organization.


"We Will Rock You" — Queen
"Orinoco Flow" — Celtic Woman
"One" — Metallica
"Gave Up" — Nine Inch Nails
"Dragula" — Rob Zombie
"Gun" — Soundgarden
"Burn" — Nine Inch Nails
"Superman" — Five for Fighting

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