Kirrell Edwards

Kirrell Edwards
Sister to Nora Edwards

Kirrell is a slender, almost thin girl, with a mop of black curls and twinkling blue eyes. There is a gentle, serene look to her face, though her cheeks dimple with every smile. She generally dresses neatly, in t-shirts and black trousers or embriodered tops and skirts. Much of the time she is seen sitting in a lightweight manual wheelchair; when she is on her feet she moves with difficulty. (Friendly Face, Bright Aura)

Common Knowledge:

  • Kirrell is sister to Nora Edwards.
  • Kirrell comes from Scotland.
  • Kirrell has a joint condition.
  • Kirrell helps out at both septs with supply and chores.
  • Kirrell helped to build the city sept's defensive walls and trebuchets.
  • Kirrell can tell when gifts are used around her.


  • Kirrell once had a mate and is now a widow.
  • Kirrell is a psychic and can heal.
  • Kirrell can sense vampire's magic.
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