Kindred Lore

Kindred Lore 1:

*Basic understanding of the necessities (blood) and the banes (fire, sunlight, and wooden stake) of a vampiric existence.
*Rumor that the biblical Caine was the first vampire.
*Some say Kindred war among themselves, for various reasons.
*Know many common Kindred specific terms.
*The concept that raw power comes from the blood. That blood holds the key to life for Kindred.
*You know that Kindred are separated into "Clans", tracing their heritage back to a single very old Kindred. You know of the 13 major Clans.
*Understands the traditions surrounding Elysium
At this level, you can spot a Humanity 2/Path Follower Kindred on sight

Kindred Lore 2:
*The concept that the closer one is to Caine the more power a kindred possesses
*You understand the Embrace, the Blood Bond, creating Ghouls and Diablerie
*Has heard of the Book of Nod
*Has a rough knowledge of major events in Cainite History, such as the First City, Second City, Carthage, Anarch Rebellion, Founding of the Camarilla and Sabbat, etc
*Can give short descriptions (equal to the descriptions in Laws of the Night) for the Clans.
*Some say the world will come to an end when the eldest awake. You have heard the rumors of Gehenna.

Kindred Lore 3:
*Has an understanding of the Disciplines (Animalism, Auspex, Dominate, Fortitude, Obfuscate, Protean, Presence, Potence, Thaumaturgy)
*You know of the rare clan-specific disciplines (Chimestry, Necromancy, Obtenebration, Quietus, Serpentis, and Vicissitude)
*Knows several of the legends of the First Days or Gehenna.
*Knows many of the old terms and their meanings
*Can name a couple of the Antediluvians
*You have heard rumors of Golconda
*You know of the Gangrel/Tzimisce war against the Tremere.

Kindred Lore 4:
*You know the commandments of Caine (Pg. 76-77, 84-85 Book of Nod)
*Basic knowledge of the minor bloodlines, to include disciplines common to them - think general overview but not detailed V:TM write-ups
*Knowledge of a few of the Elder powers available in the ten primary Disciplines
*Has heard rumors of the Inconnu
*May know something about Golconda
*Can name many Antediluvians and many of the major Methuselahs— may know some vague legends about them
*Can see the hidden meanings in day-to-day Kindred politics.

Kindred Lore 5:
*A working familiarity with several editions and translations of the Book of Nod as well as some other apocryphal writings
*Experience with Cainite society is likely to be more accurately measured in millennia rather than mere centuries
*Knows some l details about the Jyhad and who the some of the real players are.
*Know the legends surrounding the Diablerie of the Antediluvians (Saulot, Brujah, Cappadocius)
*Has probably seen the equivalent to a full copy of the Book of Nod (although several drastically different versions exist)
*Having suspicions where an Antediluvian sleeps
*Know about the City of Enoch in the Shadowlands, and its recent destruction.

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