Kalika Darkraven

Player: TroubleKitten (moc.oohay|ytibbatsel#moc.oohay|ytibbatsel)
Name: Kalika Darkraven, Sees Clearly, Heals the Nation, Hits Like A Theurge, Granddaugter Sandrunner

Creature Type: Homid Garou
Tribe: Silent Strider
Auspice: Theurge
Rank: Fostern
Position(s): None

Description: 8app, SS pbx2
Kalika is a petite, delicate, egyptian/romani woman in her late teens or early twenties, with waist length black hair, dark brown eyes, gold skin. She is usually wearing a long dress similar to a sari, though that may change depending on what she is doing. (crafts 5), and entirely too much jewelry, including a necklace with a small silver owl, crescent moon, and a sand colored, tear shaped, jewel.

Kalika occasionally appears to look at things that aren't there, though she tries to keep her attention focused on the here and now. She seems slightly ethereal and otherworldly, and people tend not to approach her, something about her is just slightly eerie.

Given that she almost never has any visible skin from her neck down except for her hands and feet, scars are hard to see, though she does have a tear shaped scar in the palm of her right hand, and what appear to be chemical burn scars across her knuckles.

Kalika is a small, almost cub sized, black and gold jackal with a balefire burn scar along her ribs, and small small, almost surgical scars, around her back knees and feet.

Common Knowledge:
She's new, just arrived from the Egyptian Border, and is a healer.

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