Names: Kadyn

Tribe: Get of Fenris

Breed: Homid Kinfolk

Age: 20


Kadyn is a 20 year old who stands to about 5'11 in height and 130lbs in weight. She has an ample, curvy figure from head to toe. Long, dark wavy locks frame around her face, outlining the dark brown eyes that peer out. She's wearing a black corset over a pair of light denim jeans with boots at her feet. About her neck, a charm of thor's hammer hangs from a chain. (GoF PBx4, 5 app)


Common Knowledge

*She was one of few survivors of gruesome attack at sept near Tulsa, Oklahoma.
*Blessed by Gaia through her own mother's death at the battle, enabling her to know more gifts than another.
*Bares some visible scars that rest along the abdomen and thighs. She has some faint claw scars along parts of her arms.
*Is the mate to Dennis "Hoss" Hartmann, and is expecting a child near the end of the year.



OOC Information

Player: Mandy Shick (aka Kitty_OoC)

Location: Marion, AR, just outside of Memphis, TN

Contact Info:

  • E-mail: moc.liamg|nekasrof.erup#moc.liamg|nekasrof.erup
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