Jolene Dale

Name Jolene (Jo) Dale, Grass Roots, Crafts the Solution

Tribe Children of Gaia

Auspice Philodox

Breed Homid

Rank Fostern

Noteable Traits
Jo is a diminuitive, wiry bundle of energy standing only 4'6" in height. Rail-thin, with dark, bright, intelligent eyes behind wire-rimmed glasses, she moves with a surprising fluid grace which is strangely compelling. Straight, dark hair is twisted back from fair skin with just a few freckles, and then tumbles down her back. Informally, Jo often wears loose denim dungarees over old, worn shirts; but customarily she is seen in long skirts of purple, navy, green and black, and snug-fitting high-necked tank tops. Her arms bear thin white scars.

Fame 3 (Jazz/Blues Bassist in Notes for Brigid.)
1 App Trait.
The youngest member of the band, Jo has played with them from a young age. Somewhat of a dark horse eclipsed by her flautist sister until then, she emerged into the band as a musician in her own right not that long ago. She can be seen in earnest discussion with any sound and lighting men prior to any gig.

Jo isn't really Ellie's sister.
Jo had a passionate relationship before she joined the band, and tried to commit suicide when her lover died, as evidenced by her scarred arms.
Jo is jealous of her sister.
Jo doesn't trust sounds/lighting technicians and has a terrible temper if they screw up.
Jo is shy.

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