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Name: Izzy Reynaud, One-Two-Beat

Creature Type: Homid Garou
Tribe: Uktena
Auspice: Ahroun
Rank: Fostern
Position(s): None

Notable Traits:
6 App. Traits
Mark of the Predator
Fame 3-Sax/Drums for "Notes for Brigid"

Izzy is a tall, strong looking, black woman, around 5'8, though she often wears heels putting her closer to 6'. She appears to be in her mid twenties with smooth black skin and a gleaming dread-hawk. She usually wears holey jeans and a tank top, with some locally made jewelry. A set of claw scars wraps around her bicep. She's gorgeous, albeit in a fairly predatory and intimidating way. Her voice is smoky and low, with a trace of a local southern/creole accent.

Typical North American timberwolf, muscular, healthy, gleaming coat.

Common Knowledge
Beta of Notes For Brigid, a pack with Ben Broden, and Ellie and Jo Dale.

Fame 3: Saxaphone player and drummer for Notes For Brigid, a jazz/blues combination band (all garou).

She has been arrested for a series of assaults and public lewdness, no convictions.

For those local, about 15 years ago, Rene Reynaud was eaten by an alligator. He may have been her father. He could have been murdered by her mother. Or he could have poked the alligator in the eye with a stick.

Ben bought her from a Haitian Slave market while on a world tour, and, surprised by her saxophone skills, made her a member of his band.

She is a raging bull-dyke (or so some people think, because of a short association with Melissa Etheridge. They might have just been talking about music though).

Most of her songs are reputedly written to the men she has had one-night stands with while on tour.

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