Ianeira Salinna Cross

Ianeira Salinna Cross

Player: Jeanne

Aliases: "Little Angel" or "Little One"

Creature Type: Black Fury Kinfolk (PB 5)

Political Affiliation:

Titles: none



Ianeria stands all of 3 feet tall though is a very active little child, she looks to be around 5-6 years of age. She is often dressed in a simple cotton dress, tights and shoes, or a pair of overalls with a warm sweater underneath. Her exceedingly long hair is pulled up in pig tails, the curls bouncing around as she hops from place to place. Her large green eyes hold an ever curious glow to them as she watches the world around her closely.

Lately she has been a little more sedate in her actions, and her moods flair from moment to moment. She has a clear edge to her eyes, though what exactly it is, is unclear. She has gone slightly quieter and move more removed now, since learning that her father was actually killed some how instead of going to the "doctors" like she was told. She moves from one minute happy, to the next angry, to the next sad at the moment with little reason. She finds clear comfort around Zoe and Remi, whom both can make her laugh.

She does have a fondness it would seem for Gregor the Gator, Mr. Remi, Oscar, Xeno, Peacemaker, Randi, and Kirrell.

Zoe seems to be one of the few females that the small girl trusts and is at ease with. Which is evident in the way that the girl acts around her that she seems to think that Zoe is the best. It would seem that Tina is slowly working her way into being someone she thinks is good.

Notable Traits

  • Pure Breed 5 Black Fury
  • She already is looking to be the stunning beauty that she will become when grown, possessing 4 app traits.
  • She has the merit Enchanting Voice
  • She watches the world through curious eyes

Common Knowledge

  • Ianeira often speaks to things that are not there, when asked she says that she is speaking to her "friends" She often speaks to them in a number of different languages, the total number that she holds.. no one really knows
  • She is known to have "visions" of sorts, but of what is really unknown at this point
  • She loves to see things from new angles all the time, and on occasion has been known to surprise adults with her attitude and comments
  • It recently has come to light that her father was having sexual relations with the child, and she was removed from his custody
  • She lately has been rather quick to become upset, though is staying with Remy for the time being
  • Ianeira has a love for animals, and an odd collection of knowledges
  • She has given her teddy bear, Rupert, to Darcy
  • She has majour issues with females, especially from the Fury tribe
  • She helped heal Randi's hands when they were hurt running her hands over them lightly.
  • She has an almost desperate need for the Nation to be good.. .. something about it having to be Gaia's light.. or the good in the world… non-sense like that :P
  • She has resently was told that her father isn't coming back and is dead… Though who killed him, she has yet to find out…. Though she will…Oh..she will……
  • She has been living with Remi now, having been all but adopted by him.. whom she calls Dad now.
  • She has shown some odd abilities
  • Ianeria has a deep attatchment to Zoe, and can be found glued to her side if she is around.
  • She tried to save Tina from the "horns" …. which made a few people cry
  • She has been known to be very close to Kirrell as of late, though she brings up missing Zoe from time to time..
  • According to her, she will be growing up big and strong just like Remy.. and will fight for Gaia too.
  • She is known to be a healer, though she seems to have little control over this gift thus far and has been known to use it to a dangerous level to help someone.


  • Her father has been stating that the relations where manipulated and set up by the 6 year old.. she is a crafty one that one… she is
  • She has some abilities in magics or so some say
  • She talks to Spirits
  • She talks to Ghosts
  • She talks to anything that is really around… or not around.. maybe she just likes to talk
  • She used to take care of Jack, much as someone older then her young years would.
  • She is really just mentally unstable… fucked up completely in the head
  • She is gifted in the arts of blackmail, or so says her father.
  • She is actually much older then she appears, just stuck in the body of a child


Find out IC… she will talk about stuff… if you want to sit and listen to a 6 year old for a length of time.


IC Contact Info

Through Mr.Remi might be the best route for most.. or maybe a spirit… or maybe a wraith… perhaps a trail of candies would work…who knows?
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