Gregory Victorvich

At seventeen, Gregory is very smart, already most of the way to a bachelors degree in Russian History, an expert Linguist and aware of a great many supernatural things. Born in Chicago, IL, he later moved to the Ukraine to be with his uncle and father when his mother died. He's as adept at the arts of subterfuge as he is fighting with a blade (Spec: fencing), figuring out puzzles, dealing with matters of etiquette, and dodging blows. He's also very athletic, specializing in Parcour. It was only after getting to this point that his mentor felt it would be good for him to pursue his birthright. He plans to attend LSU to get his masters in ancient civilizations. His father is an arden from the Ukraine and his mother was an American born kinfolk. He has no idea exactly why his Uncle Pietro (his mentor and an elder Theurge) sent him to New Orleans but he looks forward to doing his uncle proud. He has been able to see and hear spirits since his childhood and it is thought this was just an extension of his Theurge birthright. He is very aware of the heavy burden of his heritage and knows that he will be held up to higher standards. Failure is not an option.

Gregory stands at six foot three inches tall. His dark brown hair is held back in a severe pony tail. His hawk-like features are regal and defined while his icy blue eyes seem to always looking past the normal world. His body is clad in a long black cashmere coat, a Ralph Lauren black turtleneck and black slacks, his shoes black and perfectly polished. His pure breeding is very evident. (Pure Breed 4)

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