Green Lantern

==Personal Details==

Name: Green Lantern 2814.5

Age: 20, but looks and acts way younger

Tribe: Bone Gnawers

Breed: Homid

Appearance: 5' 5", 115 lbs., pale white skin, bright neon green hair, No Pure Breed, typically wears a green hoodie with a white circle on the chest that has a green circle within it with two horizontal lines at its top and bottom

Pack: Gnawer Pack

Caern Position: Beta of the Sept of the Endless Battle

== Rumors ==

GL is dating Wynnie.

He's a little on the freaky side.

GL has made a living on the streets as a fantastic street drummer.

He's been to a lot of places. He might have a mentor in DC.

He's a comic book addict.

==OOC Info==

Player: David Zoltan aka Dizzy aka Zoltan

Email: wanderingypsydog at gmail dot com

Lives: Chicago, IL, USA

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