Emiliana Nicoletta Adalina Rainaldi

Emiliana Nicoletta Adalina Rainaldi

Player: Jeanne

Aliases: Emilia or if you are family Em

Creature Type: Gaian Garou

Tribe: Shadowlord

Pack: Cache of Providence

Titles: Emiliana Nicoletta Adalina Rainaldi, Forged in Shadow, Omen of Twilight, Night's Eclipse, Adren Full moon warrior of the Lord of Shadows, born of man. Former Beta of the Cache of Providence and Eldest Ahroun of the Sept of Endless Battle

Camp: Want to know.. come ask



Emiliana stands 5' 5" and holds an athletic build to her. She is most often seen in dark jeans, black leather boots, and a tight tank top of some sort. A leather jacket often accompanies the outfit, as do black leather gloves which she is rare to be without. Her hair falls mid back in length, most of the time falling freely around her. Her dark brown coloured eyes watch around her closely, keeping tabs on her always wandering brothers it would seem. She has a large battle scar that runs from mid-chest, along her collar bone and well over her shoulder, as well as several that runs down her back.

She has a generally easy going personality to her, and does enjoy to give her brothers a hard time whenever she can. She otherwise is often quiet. (intimidation x3, Mark of the Preditor)

Fritz, Oscar, and Emiliana are indeed family, and hold some traits in their appearance that clearly marks them as such.. even though some are more subtle then others. It would seem that the Genes of the Pure Breeding were kinder to Oscar and Emiliana then Fritz.

Connected to the family also is Mira Kincaide, a cousin to the family through her mother's side.

Notable Traits

  • Pure Breed 4 Shadow Lord
  • She holds herself with a deep confidence and strength that is very rarely shaken
  • For those that will notice, Emiliana has no personal scent to her…none..nodda.. nothing.
  • 6 Appearance related traits
  • She speaks with an Italian accent

Common Knowledge

  • She has arrived to the septs with two brothers
  • She is indeed in a pack with her Brothers
  • She seems to be a warm and easy going person, even if she has this thing about talking with food in your mouth.
  • She only eats meat
  • Very little sways her once her mind is set on something
  • Her family is extremely close and loyal to each other
  • She is slightly protective of her family, and will defend them utterly if she feels they are threatened.
  • She has a fair amount of knowledge on several things…some of it really makes people wonder how she got her hands on it.
  • She has been known to be almost a peacekeeper between the pack and those around them, she tries exceedingly hard to keep things pleasant with almost everyone. She got inbetween Uri and Oscar when they had an altercation, disarming Uri of his weapons in a blink of an eye.
  • She has been known to shift very quickly, without need to go through the inbetween forms (metamorph merit)
  • She is an extremely well trained fighter, though perfers to deal with things through words first
  • She has been seen at both Septs, and is known to have fought to defend both. She is apart of the City Sept
  • Emiliana is known to be close to Mr.Clean
  • Her brother Fritz is now believed to be dead
  • Anyone that sees directly into the umbra… uhhhh… msg me!


  • She is the only daughter in a long line of males
  • She is the brains of the group, rather then the muscle
  • She is connected to the mob
  • She is hiding something that is wrong with her hands by always wearing gloves
  • She has been to some places that she probably should never have been to
  • It is rumoured that she has a part of a destiny to play out
  • She is extremely truthful, and hates playing games
  • ZOMG … what a Bitch!


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Cell Phones work pretty well… a spirit might also work, or a howl if you are desperate
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