Ellie Dale

Ellanore 'Ellie' Dale

  • Heart's Song
  • Sings Through Pain

Children of Gaia




Notable Traits

  • Friendly Face
  • Enchanting Voice
  • Vibrant red hair
  • Fame x4 Jazz Flautist for the band/pack 'Notes for Brigid'.

Notes for Brigid

==Information known to the Nation==

Ellie Dale, born Ellanor Samantha Dale in Kersey Colorado. Both her parents were kinfolk, both of the Children of Gaia. Her home sept is the Sept of the Steel Rail, found just outside Kersey, a mostly Fianna sept.

As a small child, she showed great interest in music, and as she was born under a Galliard moon, her parents encouraged her to pick an instrument and learn it. Ellie chose flute at the age of 8, shortly after her sister was born, and has been playing ever since.

Kin / family

  • Jo' Dale - Sister

Rites and Chalenges

  • Cliath Challenge; Eldest Galliard challenged her with not only to prove her ability to defend herself, in a simple fight with the other cubs, but also, to sing, or perform while she did it. So sing she did, and that earned her the deed name of Heart's song. She earned Cliath shortly after her fourteenth birthday.
  • Fostern Challenge; She was charged, along with a select few others, namely the other 'cubs' she had been raised with, to locate the nest for the Spirals that had viciously attacked the Sept some months prior and dispose of them. The two Ahroun's in her 'pack' lead the assult, the Ragabash played scout, and Ellie brought up the rear. Due in part to her inexperience, and the oversight of the ragabash, Ellie was attacked, and though she was the first down, she didn't go down without a fight. Thanks to her Call of the Wyld, her 'packmates' were able to overcome the spirals, clear the hive, and have it cleansed.
  • Rite of Cleansing
  • Rite of Talisman Dedication
  • Greet the Sun
  • Greet the Moon


== Rumors ==

  • Is romantically involved with Ben Brooden

== Quotes ==

  • "Ben, this really isn't a good idea‚Ķ"
  • "Told you so."
  • "Izzy! Why would you do that?!"


==OOC Information==

Player Manda

Location Illernoise

Contact info Squeegurl at aol dot come

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