Character Creation

Welcome to Rage Across Orleans.

A World of Darkness, Werewolf the Apocalypse game set in modern day New Orleans. (The two Caerns are an old plantation just on the outskirts of the city and the City Dump).

Character Creation:

Everyone will be allowed 4 PC’s due to depending on circumstances, be put in a time freeze.

Grandfathered PC’s are accepted on a case by case basis. Not all PC’s will be accepted as is, but I will do my best to accommodate everyone.

New PCs:

New PC’s are generated by the following Experience Table:

All PC’s will get 10 Lores for Free.

Kinfolk: Base XP 100. (Plus they are able to get 1 Gift of their Tribe that costs no Rage/Gnosis for Free. Numina will be on a case by case basis). (Please justify any unsual Lores: ie Other Venue Lore, Fera, and other Rare Lore) Includes Wyrm, Weaver, BSD

Cub: Base XP 100. Limited to 1 Gift. Straight out of Laws of the Wyld Revised with Rage/Gnosis caps.

Cliath: Base XP 100.

Fostern: Base 100. + 5 Additional Lores (Please justify any unsual Lores: ie Other Venue Lore, Fera, and other Rare Lore)

Adren: Base XP 100. + 7 Additional Lores. (See Above)

No Athro or Elder PC’s will be accepted at this time.

On a Case by Case basis, I might add more XP to your sheet if I feel the sheet needs that extra XP to balance it out with the other PC’s.

WP can be capped at 10.

Rage and Gnosis are dependent on Rank


In addition to the stipulation above Wyld, Weaver and Wyrm Lore: You *must* have *double* in WP than you have in Lore. If you have Wyrm Lore 4, you need WP 8 to avoid being tainted. In addition, you also need to explain how you got this Lore, and depending on your answer and how you got it. Your PC may end up with a Taint that might be able to be removed, or it maybe permanent. (Please check under Lores


Any Tribes are accepted save for the following:

Red Talons, Reason: There is not enough wolves to support a Red Talon population at the Caern or in Louisiana.

Wendigo are accepted, but please have a reason why he would be in the Southern portion of the United States.

Bone Gnawers are accepted, but they will not be allowed on the Caern due to the Caern Totem. (Read under Caern/Totem)

Get of Fenris due to setting will have social issues due to their tribe.


Fera are accepted on case by case basis and only when we have enough Garou to support the numbers. In addition only these Fera have a visible showing.



1. Ratkin are *extremely* hostile towards the Caern Spirit and the Garou in the Caern. (Not all Garou but the Caern Garou). It deals with the Caern Totem.
2. There will be other Fera around, but at this time they will only be NPC’s.
(And these will be in limited showing)


Unless you are starting within the city with your PC, only 2 Influences will be will be allowed for brand new PC’s or PC’s that are new to Orleans. *The first* is maxed at 3, the second can not be over 2. This denotes that your PC’s have not had the time to cultivate influences within the city.

Learning Gifts:

In Regards to learning Gifts, I am running it this way:

There are 3 Ways to learn a Gift.

First way, have a Theurge to petition a Spirit on your behalf.

Second way, Petition a Spirit yourself, and risk the chance of offending said spirit.

Or Third, asking a Garou to teach you the gift and gaining spirit notoriety. This way the Gift will take you a Month to learn with lots and lots of painful and sometimes deadly practice.

Experience Points:

Everyone will get a base XP of 6 at the first of the month. As with all XP expenditures, please tell me before I approve, of how you learned it, if a PC taught you, which PC. This ensures I know what’s happening with your PC and can make plot accordingly.

Also, for those PC’s who are active and are diving into plot or creating their own social plot. I will reward extra XP.

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