Caelin Johnstone, Medea's Sorrow
Fostern Galliard of the Black Furies

Caelin has sandy blonde hair, and grey-blue eyes which almost look like someone smudged a dusty fingerprint across them. A burn scar marks her face, looking relatively recent. She stands around 5'4" tall, graceful and sure of balance. She customarily wears checked cotton shirts over vest tops, a pair of faded black jeans, and sturdy boots.

Common Knowledge:

  • Caelin came to the sept seeking a new sept to serve.
  • Caelin can't see properly.


  • Caelin is going blind.
  • Caelin's last sept threw her out.
  • Caelin nearly knocked down the gateposts on her arrival.
  • Caelin is responsible for the death of her previous pack and / or her husband.
  • Caelin is in harano.
  • Caelin once fought an adren ahroun and won.
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