Ben Brooden

Name: Ben Brooden (Born Lucas Nightingale)


Tribe: Fianna

Auspice: Galliard

Rank: Fostern

Breed: Homid

Notable Traits:
Ben is stunningly gorgeous, and known for his soothing, enchanting voice.

Ben stands 5'10", a lean man, his sex appeal is undeniable. His father was black, his mother white, further research indicates that his mom was, obviously, a Fianna kin, his father something else entirely.

Having started performing at 12 years old, the now 27 year old artist tours with his band of the past few years, Notes for Brigid.
Critically acclaimed, they've rocked the blues and jazz scenes without fail, putting on unique and stunning shows city after city.

(10 App, 5xGorgeous, Enchanting Voice and Soothing Voice, Famex5.)

Lead singer, guitarist, pianist and harmonica player for the nationally acclaimed band: Notes for Brigid, he's known to have started his career in New Orleans as a solo artist, though the true specifics of his origin are left in mystery.

Pack: Alpha of Notes for Brigid

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family: Seeeccreeets

Rites and Challenges:
For his rite of passage, he was guided to sing a tale to rend the hearts of those who would otherwise be hostile towards the Sept of the Steel Rail.
As his fostern challenge, he was asked, as a blues singer and a galliard, to sacrifice something of his in order to better understand loss, to benefit his craft and auspice. He chose, in poetic fashion, to sacrifice his ignorance, and was given visions of his own death, a burden he carries even now.

Quests: Go platinum with his new solo record.

== Rumors ==
Has serious drug use problems, just like any big musician.
Is involved with his flute-player, Ellie.
Made a deal with the devil to play so well.
Has children across the country, becauseā€¦ come on, he's a babe, who wouldn't sleep with him?
Has had plastic surgery to look as good as he does.
Lives a secret double life.
Builds his own custom guitars.
Has an all female band for a reason, and that reason is orgy.
Purchased his sax player from a haitian slave market during a world tour,
pleasantly surprised when he found out she could play, he gave her a spot in the band.
Secretly cultivates rumors about himself to improve his mystique.
Lives wild, partying and sleeping with anyone he can, he treats every day like his last day on earth.

== Quotes ==
"A broken heart would be unda'stated,
there been wars less painful than you!"

"Can ya feel the echoes pass between us?
Like walls encase a canyon, we are distanced.
And I feel that haunting breeze remind me
that you are far too far to ever comfort me."

"Everything has already been penned,
we're just covering it again."

ad nauseum
==OOC Information==

Player: Keegan R. Gilmore

Location: Jacksonville, FL

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