Angeni Nahimana

Angeni Nahimana (Grandma Jenni), Rainbows of White, Gates of Mystery, Voice of Many Tongues
Adren Theurge of the Uktena

Angeni is a woman of small stature, wiry build, and immense natural dignity. Smooth, glossy black hair with just a trace of grey is bound back with thongs from dark eyes that flash fire in a weather-beaten and scarred face. Little wrinkles make crows feet around them. She wears black, with a beaded belt, and well-worn moccasins. She carries an intricately carved, dark wood cane which she uses to walk. (Scarred, Disfigured.)

Common Knowledge:

  • Angeni is Rotos the Wyrm's grandmother.
  • Angeni was formerly sept alpha.
  • Angeni once did something that assisted Darcy.
  • Angeni and Dr Clean have a pact/truce between the city and owl septs.
  • Angeni was raised on a Dakota reservation.
  • Angeni is older than she looks, and in unguarded moments is sometimes seen to be very tired.
  • Angeni helped to develop the vaccine to cure the recent plague, even though she caught it herself.
  • Angeni's back is covered in scars.
  • Angeni is a herbalist, and tends to a herb garden behind the manor house. She has planted a tree for Rotos there.


  • Angeni survived torture.
  • Angeni knows what happened to the old caern.
  • Angeni speaks many languages, but doesn't always let on that she understands.
  • Angeni has even struck elders with her cane, which might be a fetish.
  • Angeni's grandparents made a truce with the vampires.
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